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Aloha, and welcome to Steven Fredrick's Honolulu Tours and Vintage Films.
In 2016, join Steven as he continues with his ninth year of hosting the most respected historical tours on Oahu.  Tours include the Duke Kahanamoku Walking Tour, the Charlie Chan Mystery Tour, the Hawaii Wartime History Tour, and the extremely popular Honolulu Ghost Tour.  See you in 2016.
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This one-and-half mile walking tour visits sites of murder, death, and suicide in downtown Honolulu/Chinatown area.  A one-of-a-kind Halloween tour begins Saturday, October 1st and continues every night until the 31st.  The tour begin at 7:00 PM.  Guests meet the guide in the Capitol District, near downtown.
Due to the intensity of the ghost stories, the tour is recommended for adults only, age 21 and over.  IDs will be checked.  The cost: $40 per person ($30 with military I.D).  Because of the popularity of the tour, reservations are required 48 hours prior to the tour date.  Space is limited.  Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoe.  For reservations and information, contact Steven Fredrick.
To celebrate the life and legacy of Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, Steven hosts "The Duke Kahanamoku Walking Tour" in Waikiki.
Known for his vintage collection of Hawaiian-theme films, Steven has been researching Duke Kahanamoku's film career for the past 20 years.  Inspired by island-themed newsreels and Hawaii-centric travelogues, Steven began searching for the actual locations seen in the films in which Kahanamoku appeared.
The two-hour walking tour visits several sites related to the Olympic swimmer.  Stops include points of interest along Kalakaua Avenue, famous Waikiki hotels, and the popular Duke's Canoe Club.
The tour is held on Saturdays.  The cost is $40 per person ($30 with military I.D.).  For reservations and information, contact Steven Fredrick.

This t0ur, scheduled for Christmas night (Dec. 25th), is a theme tour for those looking for something different, but still within the yuletide spectrum.  The cost is $40 per person ($30 with military I.D.).  For reservations and information, contact Steven Fredrick.

THE CHANG APANA WALKING TOUR (Dec. 23rd - Dec. 26th).
In honor of the birth of Honolulu Police Detective Chang Apana, Fredrick takes guests on a special Chinatown tour.  Serving longer than anyone else on the local police force, Mr. Apana was one the most picturesque and best known characters in the city.  His achievements reached the attention of Earl Derr Biggers before the novelist visited the islands and some of them were worked into "The House Without a Key."  Later, when Mr. Biggers came to Oahu for a visit, he and Mr. Apana became friends and the writer created the detective character "Charlie Chan" as a result.
Mr. Apana worked his way up to the rank of Detective and was pensioned in May of 1932 after 35 years of service.
Steven Fredrick's Tours and Films
Researching Hawaii's rich history has been a part of Steven's life since his relocation to the islands in 1994.  While living on Maui, he stumbled upon hundreds of 16mm films that a local library had thrown away.
As a collector of South Seas movies, Steven researches films that were shot in the Hawaiian Islands.  In July 1995, he launched "Classic Film Programs," a series of film-lectures focusing on the Hawaiian image in Hollywood movies.
While presenting a series of vintage film programs in Waikiki, Steven met entertainers who performed with Lena Machado and members of the Harry Owens orchestra.
Among Steven's heroes was Glen Grant, the creator of the Honolulu Ghost Walks.  "Glen was a special man," said Fredrick.  "A very unique storyteller.  I took one of Glen's ghost tours and just loved it."  Shortly after their meeting, Glen and Steven discussed the possibility of combining their interests for a haunted movie tour of Oahu.  Unfortunately, this never came to be due to Grant's death.
Since April 2007, Steven has been taking guests on ghostly walking tours to haunted sights in downtown Honolulu.  The Honolulu Ghost Tour, which combines Hawaiian history with local ghost stories, is popular with both locals and tourists alike.
In December 2007, Steven hosted a special movie and tour program "Hawaii During World War II: The Movies and The Music of the 1940s."  This two-part program was highly successful.  It sold out.  Since then, Steven has offered the Hawaii Wartime History Tours on a regular basis.
In May 2009, after several years of research, Steven hosted his first Charlie Chan Mystery Tour in Honolulu.  This tour is dedicated to the three founding fathers of the fictional Chinese-Hawaiian detective.  On the Chan Tour, we visits sites related to author Earl Derr Biggers, actor Warner Oland, and Honolulu police detective Chang Apana.
In November 2013, Steven consulted with the producers of the TV series "Hawaii Five-O".  For episode #4.10: "Ho'oani Makuakane" ("Honor Thy Fathers"), Steven provide guidance regarding the historic footage used to recreate a vintage movie newsreel, circa 1941.  Five-O fans consider this episode to be the best of the series.
Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Speech-Communications, from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  He is the only State of Hawaii licensed ghost tour guide in Honolulu.
Photo Courtesy: Molly Hayden
Oahu's Most Exciting and Popular Tours.
"The Honolulu Ghost Tour"
"The Hawaii Wartime History Tour"
"The Charlie Chan Mystery Tour"
The Duke Kahanamoku Walking Tour"
"The Spirits of Waikiki"

 Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection.

These three classic Charlie Chan mysteries made by famed B-movie titans Monogram Pictures gives us two different Charlies in the persons of Sidney Toler (The Red Dragon) and Roland Winters (The Feathered Serpent, The Sky Dragon).  The Red Dragon (1945) finds Charlie (Toler) and Number Three Son Tommy (Benson Fong) cracking codes and uncovering killers in Mexico City.  The Feathered Serpent (1948) sees Charlie (Winters), Number One Son Lee (Keye Luke), and Tommy Chan (Victor Sen Yung) once again in Mexico on a deadly expedition for Aztec gold.  The Sky Dragon (1948) presents Charlie and Lee with an in-flight locked-cabin murder mystery high above the clouds on board a commercial airliner.  Price: $24.99
2016 May 26: "A Tribute to Vincent Price" featured the classic old-time radio program "Three Skeleton Key" (1950).  Host: Duke Aiona.  Call-In Guests included: Victoria Price and Mitchell Anderson.  808 State Update.  KKNE-940AM, Honolulu.
2015 December 3: "Radio's Role on December 7, 1941" featured vintage news bulletins about the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor.  Hosts: Duke Aiona and producer J. R., 808 State Update.  KKNE-940AM, Honolulu.  Encore Broadcast: 2015 December 7.
2015 November 19: "Love Among the Ruins" featured a panel discussion about the art of silent films.  Film producers Susan Harmon and Richard Meyer join Steven Fredrick.  Hosts: Duke Aiona and producer J. R., 808 State Updated.  KKNE-940AM, Honolulu.
2015 October 29: "Haunted Honolulu" featured Fredrick sharing ghost stories with hosts Duke Aiona and producer J. R., 808 State Update.  KKNE-940AM, Honolulu.
2015 August 5: "Duke Kahanamoku in Hollywood" featured a discussion about the famous Hawaiian surfer's acting career.  Hosts: Duke Aiona and producer J. R., 808 State Update.  KKNE-940AM, Honolulu.
2015 April 1: "The Art of Comedy" featured a discussion about classic comedy routines.  Host: Young Han.  Producer: Sunny Aloha.  KPRP-650AM, Honolulu.
2015 March 4: "Cloris Leachman on 'Hawaii Five-0'" featured a discussion about the legendary actress Ms. Leachman and her wonderful career.  In 1975, Fredrick worked on a potato chip TV commercial with Ms. Leachman, Minneapolis.  Host: Young Han.   Producer: Sunny Aloha.  KPRP-650AM, Honolulu.
2014 December 8: "Radio and the Attack at Pearl Harbor" featured a discussion about Hawaii during World War II.  Host: Young Han.  Producer: Sunny Aloha.  KPRP-650AM, Honolulu.
2014 October 30: "Halloween and Old-Time Radio" featured clips from classic programs from the Golden Age of Radio.  Host/Producer: Sunny Aloha.  KPRP-650AM, Honolulu.  Encore Broadcast: 2015 October 30.
2014 September 4: "Remembering Joan Rivers" featured clips and stories about the legendary comedienne.  In 1979, Fredrick wrote and sold jokes to Ms. Rivers.  Host/Producer: Sunny Aloha.  KPRP-650AM, Honolulu.
Show & Tell: "Mystery, History, Ghosts on Tour" (4/27/2009) from columnist Wayne Harada
Legendary Honolulu entertainment writer Wayne Harada interviewed Steven about his walking tours of Honolulu.  To read Mr. Harada's article, please click on the following link.  If link fails, please google: "mystery history ghosts on tour".
Please make your reservations 48 hours prior to the tour date.  No same-day reservations are accepted.  Email is the best way to contact Steven.  Mahalo for your interest.
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